Welcome to Walnut Lake Ob/GYN! Our practice consists of Drs. Alan Goldsmith, Lon Katz and Rachel O'Keefe who provide complete obstetrical and gynecologic care. Donna Lyons is a fully licensed Nurse Practitioner providing prenatal care and full office gynecology services. Dr. Michael Salesin provides complete gynecologic and infertility care.


Our mission is to provide comprehensive quality healthcare for all women, to promote healthy behavior in all patients and to provide a safe and comfortable environment to discuss all issues affecting woman’s health.


Our office offers a wide range of services including urodynamics, for bladder control problems, bone density testing, for osteoporosis, ultrasound, and Essure®, the latest advancement in sterilization. We also are able to perform uterine ablations to control heavy periods. Essure® and Thermachoice® ablations can be performed in our office.


We are pleased to announce that we are now offering Gardasil®, the new vaccine that helps prevent HPV and Cervical Cancer.


We are located in a full service building for all of your family’s needs. The building houses pediatricians, internists, orthodontists, radiologists, ophthalmologists, urgent care, outpatient surgery and a pharmacy to name a few.




Nutraceuticals By Metagenics®


Walnut Lake OBGYN , PLLC now offers a complete line of Nutricueticals by Metagenics® to help you reach your genetic potential. Metagenics is a leader in the industry of health science based nutritional supplements and formulations.


Customized Hormone Therapy


We also offer Customized Hormone Therapy for those in need of relief from menopausal symptoms. Our providers can tailor a customized approach using a variety bio-identical hormones to meet your menopausal and nutritional needs.


Please schedule an appointment with one of our health care providers to assist you in designing a plan for optimal health.


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We endorse the use of Metagenics products.

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Laselle Kegel Routine

We now offer 3D-4D ultrasound imaging

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Why we use an EMR

Dr. Michael Salesin of Walnut Lake OBGYN in West Bloomfield, MI has been a fan of electronic health records since 1998, when the Detroit Medical Center cut his transcription services budget. To circumvent the change, he built his own no-frills EHR to record data for 30,000 office visits. In 2007, his practice moved to a large scale web-based EHR and has since attested to meaningful use.


Dr. Salesin says it’s difficult to quantify how patient satisfaction has improved, but he has received many letters of approval from his patients who are thrilled to have access to their records via the patient portal. Patients can communicate with him securely, access their records whenever they want and review lab test results as soon as they’re available. Before the EHR was in place, physicians sent lab test results through the mail, which meant patients had to wait many days for feedback. “Now, the speed of reporting is so much faster. My patients get their results in 24 to 48 hours,” says Dr. Salesin.


On the physician side, Dr. Salesin appreciates how the EHR has streamlined his workflow. Gone are the days of attending to stacks of charts at the end of the day. He uses a tablet device to record health information, make notes and handles reports to patients and medication renewals during the visit, so when appointments are finished, so is his work.

Prescription renewals are also effortless with the electronic prescribing service—Dr. Salesin receives renewal alerts via email and can approve refills with a single click. Patients receive the medications they need quickly, and it only takes a minute of his time.


Having a more efficient workflow allows Dr. Salesin to spend more time focused solely on patient care. He credits his EHR with making him a better doctor, saying, “I’m much more involved with my patients and can’t imagine running my practice without it.“